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What is JobsJet?

JobsJet is a unique and innovative talent acquisition platform that matches talent and skills to available posted roles and vacancies from hiring employers. By using close matching of skills, titles, locations and more JobsJet ensures the right person for the job. Always.

How do I use JobsJet?

JobsJet is simple to use. Simply register to join the talent register and build your profile to enhance your matches. Those with the most relevant and complete profiles will match the best. It's another classic example of "you get out what you put in"


How do I sign up?

When you visit JobsJet website just click the find a job button. If this is your first visit then you will be taken to our signup form to register for the service. Just add a few required details, set a password and get started. You can tweak and add to your profile at any time.

Will employers be able to see all of my profile information?

Yes.Employers with roles that match with your profile will be notified that a match has been made with you. Depending on the package they've chosen for their advertising slot they can see who matched with or not. Those that choose to can then view the profile information you've provided, and download a resume/CV or other supporting documentation.

How do I ensure I match with available roles?

The key to good matches is detailed and up-to-date profile information. If your profile does not contain the keywords, tags or experience an employer is looking for, you will be unlikely to show as a match.

What are Job Preferences?

Job preferences are where you add in the type of work (permanent/part-time/contract) and industry (hospitality/catering/IT/etc) These will be used to identify matching roles from relevant employers signed up to our community.

I can only work nights - can I still use JobsJet matching service?

Of course. We are all about matching the right people to the right jobs. Not everyone can work nights so you'll be better matched with any employers looking for night shift work. All you need to do is ensure that your availability section reflects the shift types you are looking for. Matching employers looking for this shift pattern will see your availability when they view and download your profile.It's that simple.

What are working preferences?

Working preferences are where you openly and accurately describe your ideal working hours and salary sought. If a role's compensation and hours match your requirements then it is likely that you will get a match.

I can't drive so can I apply for work within a short bus route from my home/university/college?

JobsJet is all about choice. Choice for employers and choice for talent. If you choose to work within a short radius from the address set in your profile then JobsJet will exclude you from matching for roles outside of this. If this changes, jump back on your profile and widen your radius and you'll be included in matching in your updated radius.

I got a notification that I matched with a role. How do I reach out to the matching employer?

Great news! You've got a match and your skills and experience are exactly in line with what an employer is seeking. Ok so the really cool thing about JobsJet is that we let you reach out to the employer through the system with a "nudge." (See "What is a Nudge?") 

I have a question not appearing in the FAQ.

If you have a question not answered above just message us on our contact form. There's no such thing as a silly question. Not ever.